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MCCF is an informal group of Christian health professionals and students who gather periodically for fellowship, teaching, and prayer. The Fellowship has been an active part of the Greater Rochester community for over 30 years, encouraging its members in their personal faith and highlighting opportunities to engage in medical missions at home and abroad.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I Ask

A blood pressure check,
I put my hand on her wrist
to take a pulse,
a small, hard rectangle
protrudes from her skin
I ask. She says, A bullet.

I ask. She says, My husband shot me.
She is a small woman, quiet, calm.
Five times in the stomach. This bullet
somehow wayward, wandered to her wrist.

In the 50s, when I lived in Virginia, she says,
I had to have part of my stomach taken out.
They weren't sure if I'd live. But I did.

The poet, Mona Arif, recently graduated from the U of R School of Medicine and is currently a pediatrics resident at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.



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