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MCCF is an informal group of Christian health professionals and students who gather periodically for fellowship, teaching, and prayer. The Fellowship has been an active part of the Greater Rochester community for over 30 years, encouraging its members in their personal faith and highlighting opportunities to engage in medical missions at home and abroad.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Prayer for Bongolo Hospital

From Deb Walker, head of Pediatrics


We are getting hit very hard because of the government hospital worker's strike that is already a month old (since Jan.12). It is just now getting to the unbearable stage at our hospital. Maternity is up 2.5 times the normal volume and outpatients have doubled. Almost all hospital beds are full. If this rate continues very long, we will run out of certain medications and tests like HIV tests before our next order can arrive. People are getting angry at having to wait because of consultation and lab overload or when we don't have enough tests and supplies to meet the demand. This is especially critical in the area of HIV tests to test the pregnant women and the antiretroviral (ARV) medication to prevent the transmission of the virus to the baby. Women who were planning on doing their prenatals in other cities, including Libreville, are flocking to our hospital. The government HIV program was not able to grant us any HIV tests or ARV medication for pregnant women and their babies at our last request so we are running out. In addition, our X-ray machine is broken and our lab chemistry machines were all fried in a storm last week. Half our missionary medical staff is away on trips. We are doing the best we can but we can 't keep this rate up for very long.

Several of our members have served at Bongolo Hospital in Gabon, and Dr. Keir Thelander is there as a full-time missionary with his wife and family now. Thanks for praying.

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