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MCCF is an informal group of Christian health professionals and students who gather periodically for fellowship, teaching, and prayer. The Fellowship has been an active part of the Greater Rochester community for over 30 years, encouraging its members in their personal faith and highlighting opportunities to engage in medical missions at home and abroad.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dr. Paul Cross - Haiti

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be traveling to Haiti tomorrow morning with a medical team (3 surgeons, 2 anesthesiologists, and 1 nurse). This was pretty last minute, and the details are still coming in. We will be flying into the Dominican Republic and then to Leogane (epicenter of the quake) by prop plane. There are very few medical supplies and fewer anesthesia supplies. This is not a Christian  
mission team, so please pray that God's love would apparent in me, and my team will see that. Other prayer requests:
  1. Salvation for the team/others I'm working with, the Haitian people I treat
  2. Safe travel and return flight (no return plans have been set, tenative for Saturday the 6th)
  3. Health (lots of disease, mosquitos, HIV/AIDS)
  4. Medical wisdom and safe anesthetics
  5. Jayana and the kids
  6. Anything else you're led to pray for!

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